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Caring for the orchid wants way not bother!

Caring for the orchid wants way not bother!

Rumors say that the orchid is a rare plant and a difficult plant that needs special care. We love this flower very much and will show you some simple ways to treat it and keep it beautiful and glamorous on our premises for a long time. The life of the orchid is impressive, and even under ideal conditions it can live many years. The orchid is an indoor plant and a very good choice to decorate your home or office.

When blooming is wonderful
Although we now find blooming orchids at all times of the year, most varieties bloom in the winter and spring. Also, some varieties bloom once a year, some more bloom more often and some others bloom all year round. Orchid flowers, depending on their variety, are kept for one to four weeks. Bright exception is the orchid of Falanopsis, whose flowers last up to three months.

But to survive in space and time, we need almost everyday care, but this should not stress you as the steps and moves you must follow are relatively simple. Let's get to know the basic needs of orchids.

Select the right pot
The flower pot you choose for your orchid should be relatively small and clay or glass. What is very important is having drainage holes.

You should only change the flowerpot when your plant grows disproportionately to the size of the pot, which we notice happens every 2-3 years.
Tip: The clay pot is better because the clay allows the soil to dry faster and the roots better ventilate.

Dirt is important
Orchids do not prefer soil but stones, gravel, wood or peat. These materials are commercially available and can be easily purchased to fill your pot. The mixture you create should allow the roots to breathe and grow without hindrance.


Good lighting is essential
Plenty of sunlight strengthens the flowering of the orchid. Orchids need bright, filtered light and must be orientated to the east or the south. But to know that the orchid for its better flowering needs to spend a few hours in the dark. So do not put your pots in natural or artificial light 24 hours a day.

The right temperature strengthens its flowering
The orchid does not love extreme temperatures, whether it's too hot or hot. The correct ambient temperature of the orchid is important both for its survival and for its flowering. The ambient temperature proposed by the specialists of the orchid is between 15-27 ° C per day and 11-15 ° C at night. Proper temperature switching between day and night is a key factor in enhancing the flowering of the flower.

Watering once a week is enough
Most varieties of orchid need watering once a week while some varieties want more watering during their flowering. The most common way to water your orchid is to sink your pot in a bowl or bucket with lukewarm, never cold water. Leave it there for a few minutes to absorb as much water as possible and soak all its soil. Allow it to dry and remove the extra water. It is very important to let the soil dry thoroughly before the next watering.
TIP: Never leave water on the pot of saucer, because the roots of your plant can rot.

The orchid loves moisture
Orchids need abundant moisture. Always check that the leaves are properly ventilated so that they do not rot.

Lubrication is good for her
Your plant will show you how often fertilizer is needed. Usually once a month it is enough. The fertilizer you have to choose is for flowering plants, in liquid form.

Her sheets, mirror of her health
The leaves of your orchid indicate your health. The color of healthy foliage is light green in the shades of the lawn.
Watch your sheets often to see if more or less light is needed. If its leaves are thin and oblong in dark green, then your orchid needs more light. If the leaves are green soft and fade or yellow, then you have it at a point with a lot of light and it would be good to move it to some point with a little bit of light. If you notice large brown dry spots on the leaves, then your plant has been burned by sunlight and should move it to a shadier spot.

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