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Gerbera, the flower that makes the mood!

Gerbera, the flower that makes the mood!

Gerbera, a colorful, bright and cheerful flower, with daisy flowers in a variety of shades that gives style to your decor and refreshes your mood. This intense but also odorless flower fits into every form of styling and decoration.

Due to the great interest that has been developed for this plant, more than 300 varieties have been created. The most famous species of gerbera in our country is G. jamesonii.
Gerbera comes from Asia, Africa, and Madagascar. On a world scale, gerbera is fifth in the range of plants grown for their cut flower. Gerbera is a plant whose ornamental value has been recognized only in recent years, namely since 1980. The country with the highest gerbera production is the Netherlands. In Greece the germ cultivation is very small. It is also known by the name "African Daisy", which suggests its origin.

The colors and shapes of the gerbera are unexpectedly many!

Suitable plant for the creation of flowering flower beds
Planting in ponds decorates balconies, terraces and interiors
Low varieties can be planted at various locations in the rock garden
The tall varieties are planted in the last row of flowers
Ideal plant for flower compositions as its flowers are kept long enough in the flower pot
The gerbera is kept in the flower pot for 5-10 days. On a non-commercial scale, the flowers must be cut when fully grown. In florists cut flowers of gerbera are kept at 4oC for about a week. However, every day, under these circumstances, the gerberas life in the flower pot is reduced by 10%!

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