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Λυσίανθος, Eustoma grandiflorum

Λυσίανθος, Eustoma grandiflorum
Lysianthus, the flower that enchants everyone with its unique colors!

The flower, which makes us see the exclamations A ... .A ... A .. !!! and O.O..O. !!!!.

Few flowers look so elegant and one of them is the lysianthus.

Its official name is 'Eustoma grandiflorum'. Eustoma was thus named by the Greek words "ευ", which means good and stoma, which means mouth. The word Lisianthus on the other hand comes from the Greek words lissos, which means smooth, and Anthos which means flower.


A beautiful flower that seduces you with the irresistible charm of the lustrous, could be a very good choice for decorations in the space that will host your most important moment. It comes from a North American wildflower.

It flowers all year round and the diameter of the flower reaches 5 centimeters. It can reach 15 to 60 centimeters in height while it comes in a variety of color combinations. Their stem has six to ten closed flowers, the length of which reaches about 50 cm. Its harvest is mainly in the summer but it blooms all year round! Their shelf life in the vase is at least 5 days.

The symbolism of the lyricist is extroversion, openness, appreciation, admiration, devotion and gratitude. It is quite popular for flower bouquets and wedding bouquets. It can be a secondary flower in a bouquet or even completely steal the performance on its own. Available in many colors, such as white which is also the most popular, pink, yellow, purple and blue. At first glance, the lysianthus  is reminiscent of rose but has its own character. It has a unique smell and fits incredibly with various green plants or with lyssites in others colors. Also the lysian beauty embellishes the corners of your garden.


In conclusion, it is a flower that takes off the aesthetics of space and fills us with emotions. Whether you offer, either send a bouquet, bouquet or even a lustrous composition, be sure to be one of the most beautiful gifts. On birthdays, on a nominal feast, on an anniversary, at wedding ceremonies, in decorations of rooms, the symbols given by the lysianthus are distinct.