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Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers


Spring is finally here, which means throwing open the windows, celebrating the first day of wearing a skirt without tights, leaving jumpers in the drawer and feeling the rays of the sun on our faces. A big part of spring, of course, is flowers. This season we’re enjoying simple, seasonal flowers that have a big positive impact on our moods, whether that's a lovely fragrance that fills your house or a pretty DIY for your living room. Read on and be inspired by the joyful flowers of the season. It's great to see you again, spring — we're glad you've arrived.


Enjoy the scent of spring at home with a DIY room spray filled with spring flowers, and bring a sense of peace and calm into your home with your own handmade floral curtain. These DIY crystals with dried flowers are perfect to make on a sunny spring day.



Spring brings a new array of flowers. Check out some classic spring flowers, and discover extra-fragrant varieties for a wonderfully-scented spring bouquet. Bring vases of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils into your home, and enjoy bunches of waxflower, viburnum, stock and muscari. If you run out of vases (which you may well do!) a pretty tumbler or clean jam jar creates a sweet, homely aesthetic


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