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The Rose, the King of flowers

The Rose, the King of flowers

Meet Queen of Flowers: The Rose. The majestic rose owes this title to its global popularity, as thethe best girl in the classroom. One flower from which all colors have their own particular meaning. So wherever you are, there is always a suitable rose for you.

Colors and shapes

Red, white, yellow, pink, purple, orange and green. Two or several colors. Large or small heads, small or acorns. When your romance is launched, you will soon have a dilemma, as there are plenty of choices. And every year, dozens of new varieties are added. In some, the heart of the rose is still green. This "heart of grass" is actually the base that grows through the flower.


Heart shaped petals represent love and trust, and the thorns show that love is not all roses. Red roses, in particular, are inextricably linked to love, but did you know that each color has its own meaning?

Red: love and respect.

White: true love, purity, dignity, purity.

Pink: happiness, gratitude, virtue.

Orange: longing, appreciation, sympathy.

Yellow: intimate friendship, solidarity.


The combinations of colors and combinations with other flowers also make sense. For example, a white and pink rose combined express the desire to always be together. Roses in a bouquet symbolize gratitude and a unique rose between a large

bouquet says "you are the person I love, you are  "

The Greeks, the Romans and the Egyptians discovered the beauty of the romantic rose thousands of years ago. We had to wait until the 16th century. Fortunately it was worth the wait!

Tips to ensure that you can enjoy your roses for a long time:

Give the roses a clean jar of pure water.
Add food for cut flowers to water for a longer lifetime of your jar.
Cut 3 to 5 cm diagonally into the stalks with a sharp and clean knife.
Where possible let the thorns on the stems.
Regularly refresh (2-3 days) the jar with fresh tap water.
Finally, do not place the roses in direct sunlight near a heat source or next to a fruit bowl.

The "forever beloved", "Erotic Wind", "Love at First Look", "Roses in pot" are some of our suggestions, sending them to give some of the many messages that this lovely flower contains.

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