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A blog, brought to you by Cosmoflora, about all things related to flowers: entertaining, decorating, gifting, and more!

Lily of the Valley. This easy-to-maintain, resilient and adaptable flower can be a great addition to any bouquet, display or arrangement, and also looks great as a stand-alone feature in gardens or in the home

Mother's Day 2021

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Start planning how you will honor your mom for this big day. The best option is to send flowers.
Autumn,this season calls for flowers
On September 17, Sophia and her daughters celebrate Faith, Hope, Love
The Rise of the Holy Cross celebrate with basilikum plant on 14th of September
Indoor plants that do not need much light
Plants with miraculous insect repellent properties
Tulips in white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, colorful.
Valentine's Day A Day of Love, not just for Lovers but for everyone
Amaryllis flowers in bloom are spectacular additions to any garden or bouquet
They’ve been big fans of the chrysanthemum in China and Japan for centuries. And rightly so!
When you eat in the garden during the warm weather, you are sure to have a craving for something sweet. But not too heavy! This tart, accompanied by delicious red fruit picked from climbing fruits in the garden, is just the right fresh, sweet ending for a wonderful gathering.
Summer, a sea of floral inspiration.
The Elevation of the Holy Cross, September 14th. The Holy Cross of the Holy Cross is the most important celebration of September, which is why this month is called by the people, Stavriatis and Stavros.
17th of September for Sofia-Agapi-Elpida-Pisti.Do not forget to send your Wishes with Flowers on September 17th to Sofia, Sophia, Sonia, Foula, Fai, Faith, Elpida and Agapi.
Especially for all fathers: strong flowers with a loving message
Mother's Day Sunday 10 May 2020
Essential flowers for the season of bloom
Gerbera, a colorful, bright and cheerful flower
May First-Day has its rootsthe ancient past


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Το κρίνο του Περού ή Αλστρομέρια.
To λουλούδι, που μας κάνει με το που το βλέπουμε, να βγάζουμε τα επιφωνήματα Α….Α…Α..!!!


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Paeonia, the queen of flowers
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